About the Writer

Hi, my name is Jackson Fernandez and I am the writer/editor for underwaterfishinglight.net. I would like to first give everyone a simple background of myself. I am a 37 year old from Tampa Florida and have always enjoyed the outdoors, especially fishing! The type of fishing I really got in to was night fishing under dock lights! The amount of fish I saw under them dock lights compared to in the daylight hours was incredible! I couldn’t believe what was there! I also enjoy deep sea fishing, inshore fishing, and just about any kind of fishing you could think of!

I started this website with hopes of bringing a lot of information to everyone about the great fishing we have in the state of Florida. Not just night fishing but all different kinds. We will have a lot of local knowledge share their input on what helps them catch more fish!

I hope you enjoy our writings and please continue to come back!

Thanks- Jackson Fernandez!